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Interactive, conceptual learning

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IT Professional Trainings

Interactive, conceptual learning

SOLOGENIX believes that a strong learning foundation leads to stronger minds and concepts. Professional training can make a student an excellent professional for an innovative future. At Sologenix, we teach our young minds to learn and practice to excel. Solegenix is itself a software company, and with the cooperation of other software leaders, we design the best curriculum for our interns. We are facilitating our students with quality training to prepare them to pursue software engineering as a career. We offer multiple computer science courses to lead our generations to achieve their goals in this promising career. We focus on skills which makes our training session more beneficial. Our project management team also coordinates with our trainers to teach the professional and ethical code of the Informational Technology stream.

Training Sessions

Sologenix has a well-qualified team to provide remote and on-site interactive training sessions to its students. We can also come up with one-to-one learning to make sure that beginners are training well. Anyone with a laptop and urge to make their mark in Computer science is more than welcome to join us. Sologenix makes sure to have two-way sessions with young minds. It can help them to think out of the box and bring innovation. Our training includes courses in front-end, back-end, database, and full-stack development. Course duration can be provided customized according to the learning enthusiasm and preferred technology of students.

Full-Stack Development
Sologenix is introducing the best training yet! To enhance the changing role of developers and technologies around the globe, we have introduced a brand new training course to become a Full Stack Web Developer with hybrid wrapping. In the training, You will take you through the complete SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) and different methodologies being used in the industry. You will be trained to design complete web applications. You will work on all stages of development, from frontend to backend, to database and even debugging and testing. And finally, you will learn how to deploy and publish your web application on various servers.
Front-End Development
Front-End development is the like the art, you develope your imagination, your creativity.
Back-End Development
Back-End development is the mind of the website and how the website interact with the database.
MERN-Stack Development
MERN-Stack includes the combination of 4 languages. MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS and NodeJS.
NodeJS for backend
NodeJS is a powerful front and back end language. It is used in the combination of ExpressJS.
NextJS is a JavaScript framework which is currently at the peak of complete web development.

Course Outline

Our trainers balance these tricky courses with interactive sessions and real-world problem-solving assignments. We pay attention to training our candidates about professional ethics and delivering them enough knowledge about software project management and software development life cycle. It can help them to work in a professional environment. We are focusing that after attainment of the course, a student can implement what they have learned. Moreover, Sologenix also offers internships to its students to introduce them to the professional working environment of a software house. It can also improve their skills to participate in professional-level long-term projects.

Mutual Success!

After accomplishing the training course well, we proudly declare that SOLOGENIX’s trained candidate can work as a computer science professional. About 90% percent of our trained students chose computer science as their profession and working in leading software companies. There are multiple students of Sologenix who are pursuing their careers as software developers in Sologenix. We believe in teaching concepts along with skills to make our trainers successful professionals.

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