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What is Solobinz?

Solobinz is the fine product of Sologenix.

Solobinz is a quality product by Sologenix. Sologenix utilized the best expertise of its team to develop a software system that ensures to meet all the needs of waste negotiators during waste management. Solobinz is a common platform for waste negotiators to manage customers’ data, profile, and schedule, and all the tasks involved in the process. It keeps and maintains records of customer profile, manage contracts, suppliers, containers and resource allocation. Solobinx handles all queries of the stakeholders and schedules for related tasks and resources. We can proudly state that Solobinz manages all requirements of the waste management system on one platform. Our team put enormous efforts to ensure a high-quality user experience for the management of the noble cause of cleanliness. Using Solobinz, you can experience high-quality technical assistance for your waste management business.

Why Solobinz?

Fast, reliable, and customized

Solobinz is developed to ensure that our valuable customers experience better, precise, and customized software systems to store and manage their customer’s data and related tasks. Sologenix put its best strategies to develop a reliable and maintainable system that handles all queries and requirements of the waste management system. Solobinz makes sure to provide you with an interactive system where you can satisfy all requirements of your business with just one click.

Main Features?

Sologenix ensures its valuable customers that Solobinz is a one platform solution for waste management business. Solobinz offer number of features including customer profiles, customer sites, contracts, supplier, containers, and bin. It also handles and manages the scheduling of all resources. You can also view order items, add extra service, and manage rentals.

- Add and view customer details.
- Add and view the sites of your customers.
- Add and view contacts.
- You can keep a record of customer schedules and bills.
- You can add, view and alter supplier details.
- Update supplier price
- You can add and update customer price increments.
- Add and view container.
- Update and keep a record of container details and schedule.
- View containers and other resources of the suppliers.
- You can manage customized contracts of the services for up to 52 weeks.
- Store schedule of services.
- Manage rental and extra services.
- You can have list and calendar views in this feature.
- You can keep records and manage sub-contracts.
- You can manage sub-contracts in an optimized format.
- Add and view orders of the customers.
- Site report.
- Null container, services, and rentals.
- Schedule of services and rentals.
- Duplicated services.
- Bulk prices.
- Sales report.
- You can run a price updater to handle pricing at once.
- Service scheduling for all the stakeholders.
- Database backup to maintain data integrity.
- Static data to reduce data redundancy.
- Enable Email notification.

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