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Better User Interface, responsive design, fast service

Software Development

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Software Development

Better User Interface, responsive design, fast service

Software development is one of the leading services provided by Sologenix. We have project management teams to adopt the best suitable technique for the software. Our team consists of requirement engineers who have an ultimate goal to understand user requirements from user stories after a detailed consultation session with the customer. Sologenix has a well-experienced development team to ensure that software is per the business flow of our customers. We focus that software is up-to-date with advanced technology trends. Our experts keep the software development life cycle in coordination with customers to lead a smooth development and deployment of the software. Our quality assurance team makes sure that the software system is up to standard quality We provide customer support and maintenance of the software to assist our valuable customers.

Focus on User Requirements

We follow the best consultancy to ensure that the user requirements are well understood. Sologenix ensures that development teams have a detailed consultation session with all stakeholders. Our requirement engineers focus on mentioning all possible user requirements after listening to user stories. Our requirement engineers provide complete documentation to guarantee that system is mapping on to user needs and requirements. We consider that customer feedback is a crucial step throughout the development and testing phase. Sologenix team put great focus on non-functional requirements of the system on behalf of our clients which leads to a better user experience. Our services also include maintenance and customer support after deployment for smooth software operation.

Experienced Development Team

At Sologenix, we have experienced developers who are well aware of the latest technology trends. We ensure to come up with ideas to develop the system with the modern technology stacks. Each module is unit tested by our software developers that ultimately leads to user acceptable software. Our development teams focus on user requirements but also guarantee the best user experience. We believe that the quality of the software is a crucial point to consider. Responsive user interface, secure and faster system is our key focus in software development. These factors play an important role to access the target audience of a business and organization.

Back-end Development

Technologies We Use

Sologenix uses the latest technology and tools for all the business and organizational software and products. We make sure that our team is well familiar with the latest technology to make its best use for your project. We make sure to produce the best front-end, back-end and full-stack software and products for you with optimized work. We use top stacks like MEAN and MERN. We are also familiar with a lot of frameworks and tools like Codeigniter, Laravel, Jquery, Ajax, Express and Node.

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Detailed Architechture

Programming Languages
Java, PHP, C, C++, C#, Python, R, JavaScript, SQL, MySql, MongoDB
Frameworks & libraries
ASP.NET, jQuery, AngularJS, Angular, React, NextJs, Django, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Express, Node
Operating Systems
Windows, Android, Linux


Software Development Life Cycle
Inception is the crucial step of our development. Here we gather requirements and analyze them.
In this step, we design and prototype our analysis and list the potential risks that the system might deal with in future.
Here, we implement the system and verify and validate the implementation by human and automated testing.
This step includes debugging and updating if new risks are identified after production.
Audit or Disposal
Here, we update the system based on the system audit results and refine the product if needed.

V & V Model

Sologenix project management team opts for the best technique for software project management. We follow the waterfall model to move step-by-step toward the goal product. For extensive projects, we use agile methodology for iterative development phases. Scrum meetings promote substantial inspection, adaptation, and teamwork. It also helps to utilize best engineering practices that align development with customer needs and company goals. To meet the agreed deadline, we use XP programming to validate that the development phase is going smoothly. V and V model is key motive to ensure that every verification is validated. It ensures that development is according to the plan and requirements of the system.

Sologenix' Strategy

Our motive is to help our customers to achieve their goals. We guarantee to do our best to provide supreme quality and services in software development. Sologenix focuses on developing a long-term relationship with its customers. We help them to achieve their business objectives through the latest software technology.

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